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Astrill VPN has a huge arsenal of additional features that provide an additional level of security and anonymity to your data, let's take a look at these features.

Split tunneling - with which you choose which apps or sites will access local content without encrypting the VPN, in the Astrill app this feature is called an app filter and a site filter. The app filter works with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Andriod, and the site filter works with Windows, macOS, Linux, and routers.

The killswitch feature is very useful when you have a break in your VPN connection, at which point your data becomes vulnerable and the killswitch immediately terminates your connection to the Internet, preventing data leakage. In the application, this function, which protects applications from data leakage caused by a VPN failure, is called App Guard.

Smart Mode - the point of this feature is that when you use a VPN service, the government can detect the VPN traffic and block your access, Smart Mode masks the traffic so that the government does not see the use of the VPN service, keeping your regional IP, while Smart is good at bypassing the great Chinese firewall while remaining secure and providing faster speeds.

The service provides port forwarding, Onion over VPN, and multiprocessor VPN - this is a useful feature that changes the routing of packets, for example: To connect to a server from Japan, set up a quick connection via a US server and then Hong Kong server, after this traffic is routed in Japan, the result is higher flow rate, and your traffic becomes harder to track.

The app that Astrill provides, in my opinion, with an outdated design, is easy to use, intuitive, but for different operating systems there are restrictions on additional features, and the free app Astrill for Android I did not particularly like, in the app you can change proxy settings, choose which applications to the tunnel, see logs and connect to the server, that's it.

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