Features & Usability
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PrivateVPN offers a set of features that work great on many platforms.

There is an important Kill Switch feature that ensures that our Internet activity is suspended if the encrypted connection is broken, minimizing the risk of data leakage.

Secure tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard and others.

They offer two types of IPs.

1. Shared Public IP (Static IP) behind NAT. (Available in all the locations).

2. Dynamic Dedicated IP with ports forwarding.

They do not offer static dedicated IPs.

The user interface is quite convenient and easy to use, there should be no problems with the installation of the client, you can also install the client for Android and iOS devices, Android TV and Firestick. The application under the section Connection Guard has a useful function DNS leak protection, which protects us from the leakage of the IP of the nearest us DNS server. And I want to mention the Application Guard function - when your device is disconnected from the service, this function stops the applications.

As for me, we can also mark out the protection from IPv6 leak, it's a feature of PrivateVPN. Suppose all your traffic comes in an encrypted IPv4 tunnel, at the same time access to the resource bypassing the encrypted VPN tunnel via IPv6 protocol, respectively there is a data leak and our IP address is exposed, PrivateVPN can cope with this using this function, when you enable it, all traffic coming by IPv6 protocol is blocked by the service, which distinguishes it from the rest.

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