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In this review we will talk about HideMe VPN, the service is registered in Malaysia, a country where lately things are getting better in terms of freedom of speech and making it attractive to foreign companies. HideMe is a very reliable service with high-level encryption AES 256, also worth mentioning the Bolt technology, which is better to use on Windows, because it gives priority to the TCP performance, which makes your speed much faster and at the same time uses the TLC 1.3 protocol through which your internet service provider can not see your history of visiting sites, your actions through the use of AES-GCM and ChaCha-Poly-1305 encryption, so the Internet provider can not restrict your traffic.

HideMe VPN uses a zero-logging policy, which first of all causes trust from users, the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, split tunneling. The applications support such protocols as OpenVPN, Softether, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec. The service is available in 47 countries with 75 VPN servers and is compatible with platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS. Android, Chrome, Firefox, Blackberry, Amazon Fire Stick. HideMe VPN also offers a free plan, which of course has restrictions on the features of the service. We will test the speed of VPN connection to different servers, talk more about the functions and based on all of this you can decide for yourself whether this service meets your needs.

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Now we will look at the additional features that HideMe VPN offers:

The function of split tunneling - it allows you to use at the same time a virtual private network VPN for anonymous data transfer, and use the public network if the situation does not require encryption of your data, because it is not always necessary and may even cause questions to the bank if your IP address is in another country at the moment, so this feature is a good addition.

For occasional IP leaks, HideMe VPN offers us a feature called StealthGuard, through which you can create a list of applications, so they will not run without the VPN connection, so if the VPN connection fails, the connection with the application will also be cut off and those applications will never run without the connected VPN, respectively your IP address is always hidden from the provider and the strangers.

Another feature in offered functions is cascaded GNP, where you choose an input and output server and tunneling takes place through several locations of GNP servers, thereby creating a reliable and secure connection.

Kill Switch function - acts as an emergency switch, if you have a failure in your VPN connection, this function automatically terminates the Internet connection thereby protecting you from your data leakage.

You shouldn't have any problem installing it on different platforms, but if you do have any problem you can find installation guides on the website or you can get help from the support team. Once you've paid for your subscription or chosen a free plan, all you have to do is create an account and follow the simple instructions.

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