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Hola VPN is one of the most popular VPN providers, with 237 million users. The structure of Hola's work is different from what we are used to. If in a regular VPN, work is done with the help of a VPN client, which encrypts your data and sends it to the VPN server, the structure of Hola uses P2P file-sharing technology. But there are big disadvantages to using such a structure. First, it's worth noting right away that the Hola VPN collects logs of your online activity. If the premium version collects information about your e-mail, IP address, payment information and your name, then the free version in addition to all the services also collects your browsing history, which is a big blow to your privacy. Secondly, the free version requires you to provide your resources for the operation of the service. This is a huge risk, since users who use WAPN for illegal purposes, such as downloading torrents, where it is prohibited, penalize you because your IP address is used.

In the paid version, however, things are much better with security. The service uses strong AES 256 encryption and IKEv2/IPSec.

But why do so many users use this service despite this?

Of course, it's the performance as well as the unblocking of popular streaming platforms and the ease of use. Hola VPN works as a proxy with basic SSL encryption, which makes it fast for data transfer.

Hola VPN is definitely not suitable for those users who put the privacy and security of their data first, but it's great for those who use the service solely for streaming purposes.

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What additional features can the service provide? In the arsenal of features of the service, there is a killswitch the essence of this function is to prevent leakage of your data when the VPN connection is broken. In this case, the applications that you enter in this list will be automatically disconnected from the Internet to improve the security of your data. You can also additionally set a time limit for when this function will take effect, which is quite handy.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the paid version of Windows. macOS. In mobile apps, even in the paid version, to my disappointment, this feature is not available.

Hola VPN provides a Bright Data service for doing business, here are the main advantages:

high bandwidth, geotargeting, technical support, automation of http/s requests from API developers, brand monitoring, ad masking, price comparison. I tested the service for IP leakage, DNS queries and found no leakage. My initial location was based in Russia and the service successfully hid it.

The Hola VPN app was well handled by the experts. The application is well optimized, it is easy to use, there is a button for automatic connection, in the settings, you can enable night mode so that the eyes are not tired at night. In the advanced settings, you can change the encryption settings, and I also liked the function "Fix Connection". From the name, it is clear that it is intended to help fix the connection when there are some problems, but sometimes it does not help and in this case, you can send a report about the problem or contact support.

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