Privacy & Security
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In terms of security and privacy of your digital identity on the Internet, IPVanish can be classified as the highest category of VPN providers, let's see why?

IPVanish uses the strongest AES 256 encryption algorithm available today; it is used by high-security institutions, banks, governments, and the NSA to protect their "Top Secret" documents.

It also uses one of the strongest SHA 256 hashing algorithms for authentication and on top of that 2048 bit RSA encryption, thus providing secure data transfer between the server and the mobile application.

The online traffic of IPVanish VPN users is routed through remote servers, thereby hiding your IP address, and with the help of an encrypted tunnel, no one can access your data.

IPVanish has recently started using a new gold standard protocol called Wireguard. Wireguard is an open-source protocol featuring high performance, strong data protection, and aims to outshine all other protocols. But we should not forget about other protocols used by IPVanish, this list includes protocol, which has already earned worldwide recognition and is the most popular among OpenVPN users, for data transmission OpenVPN uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). In addition to Wireguard and OpenVPN, IPVanish uses L2TP together with IPSec, which also provides a decent level of security, it is fairly easy to configure and is available on many Windows platforms, macOS and works on many other devices and operating systems, and also uses IKEv2 / IPsec and PPTP protocols.

Features & Usability
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Admittedly, IPVanish does not have extra features, compensating it all with a strong encryption of your data without loss of speed for normal performance, which is the main purpose of VPN, but not everyone would agree with this point, as some need in addition to strong encryption, no dialog policy, an important function of separate tunneling other important that was a built-in ad blocker, as they want to get rid of annoying ads, compatibility with TOR and other additional features, unfortunately here service is not useless. But in IPVanish offers a very necessary for today function Kill Switch, which protects from leakage of your data if suddenly interrupted connection to the VPN, it is kind of an emergency switch, which immediately cuts off the Internet connection in case of faults in the VPN.

It is also worth noting that during the testing of VPN was not found leakage, and you can bypass online censorship and excessive restrictions, but found the use of a VPN host IPVanish, particularly affects those users who use it in countries with strict censorship, such as the UAE, where there is a strict ban on the use of WAP with the punishment up to imprisonment.

Let's move on to usability. The installation of the application is not difficult even for a beginner, but if you suddenly have difficulties, there is a guide on installation or in a pinch you can contact technical support. The application is intuitively understandable, with a pleasant user interface. Function Kill Switch by default does not enable, but you can easily enable it, just go to the settings section and enable it yourself, there is a quick connection, which is carried out with one click, there is also a section of IP settings.

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