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Today we will talk about iVPN. iVPN started in 2009 and has long held a strong position thanks to its transparent policy and the security features it offers. The service does not have a large server network compared to other VPN services, it has only 71 servers in 32 countries, but iVPN servers have normal bandwidth, there is P2P support, and also iVPN servers have a stable operation.

Service uses one of the strongest encryption to date, without which it is difficult to imagine a secure VPN - it's AES encryption with a key length of 256 bits, uses protocols Open VPN and Wireguard, which tells us about the high level of protection of your data and ensuring anonymity of your digital identity. Among the additional features, the service offers killswitch, trusted network, obfsproxy, port forwarding, IPv6 support, anti tracker, all these features we will discuss in detail. We will test the service for IPv4, IPv6, DNS, WebRTC leakage, and also how good service for streaming and how fast on different servers. The service can be considered primarily for the U.S. because in the U.S. the service has 26 servers, high performance, and stable operation. At the same time, you will be able to connect up to 7 devices, although this is when subscribing to the package iVPN Pro, there is also a package iVPN STANDARD, we will also talk about the differences. We will consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the service, making it easier for you to research the service, based on which everyone will be able to decide for themselves whether this service is suitable for them.

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What additional security features does iVPN offer? For starters, a useful killswitch feature that disconnects you from the internet when your VPN app connection fails, at this point when the connection fails, your data becomes vulnerable and there is a serious risk of leakage of your data, especially used by cybercriminals when you are connected to public networks, killswitch feature immediately disconnects your internet access, thereby preventing the risk of your confidential information leakage.

Trusted Network function, with this function you assign a status to the Wifi network, whether to trust it or not, and based on the status change the actions when connecting to Wifi.

Multi-Hop function - this function additionally increases your security level, as the connection is made through the input and output server, in other words, multi-level tunneling, especially a useful function for people engaged in caesura, to bypass restrictions.

The beta version of the split tunneling feature allows you to share files, watch videos under VPN encryption while still being able to enjoy local content.

Anti tracker, I have tested many different ad blockers and malware and when I tested this feature from iVPN, I was impressed because iVPN's Anti tracker blocks immediate pop-ups from streaming services and you almost do not notice it, which makes surfing the web much easier. There is also port forwarding, but this feature will only be available in the Pro version.

iVPN open-source application is easy to use, there is a virtual map, the application itself is intuitive and informative, you can see the speed of the server, sort them into different categories, change many parameters to suit yourself.

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