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PIA VPN is a multifunctional service and now we will look at its additional features that provide you with anonymity, privacy and make your surfing on the Internet more secure. To begin with, I would like to mention the PIA MACE ad and malware blocker, which blocks pop-up unwanted windows on various sites, this personally annoys me when browsing content and is distracting, PIA MACE does its job well in advance by blocking ads before they appear.

Split tunneling - as PIA VPN claims, this is advanced split tunneling and leads it in comparison to other VPN providers to a level higher, to me, it is no different from the others, the essence of split tunneling is that you can choose applications or sites, where you do not need to use VPN, internet banking, applications that detect VPN traffic and block it, remote connection, etc., that is, you choose when to use the VPN channel and when to use the local network.

Kill Switch - automatic disconnection from the Internet, a useful feature when you have a broken connection VPN, at this point your data becomes easy prey for hackers and ISP, as they are not protected by the VPN client and VPN servers through which encrypted your Internet traffic. Also, PIA VPN provides a dedicated IP address, which will belong only to you, using a dedicated IP address, you will not have to enter the captcha several times, and the reputation of the IP depends only on you.

I liked the PIA VPN apps as they are easy to use, well optimized, intuitive, and with an attractive design, I especially wanted to highlight the Android app, which with the automatic connection instantly establishes a connection with the server, the app is informative, you will find in it all the settings you need, the only thing I did not like, I could not find such a simple thing as a language change.

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