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Frankly speaking, PureVPN does not have a lot of extra features such as ad blockers, malicious trackers, TOR compatibility, etc., but several features are useful when using the VPN service and increase your security level.

Among them is split tunneling, which lets you choose which part of the traffic should be encrypted through the tunnel and which should be left unencrypted for the local network, i.e. it is one physical connection and you have access to local content and information that is redirected through the encrypted tunnel inside the private virtual network.

There is a function of emergency disconnection, this function is very useful because if you have interrupted the VPN connection for any reason, your data has a great vulnerability and this information leak can be used by hackers, the essence of the emergency disconnection is to disconnect your device from the Internet if the VPN connection was interrupted.

You can also use a dedicated IP address on certain servers, it will belong only to you. You may have a blacklisted IP address that prevents you from accessing certain sites, the dedicated address will solve this problem as the IP address belongs only to you.

Application PureVPN with a nice user interface, informative, here you will find sections with the recommended servers, which will be indicated by their speed, as well as marking P2P, the default protocol is IKEv2, but you can easily change it. There is also a section with frequently asked questions and a section of gifts, which says that within 24 hours you can share a free monthly account with a friend.

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