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StrongVPN does not have many functions in comparison with VNP services, which are in the Top Five, but there are a number of features that are worth responding, one of these features is a StrongDNS - a kind of analog of Smart DNS, the essence of it lies in the fact that with a proxy server you can view sites that geographical restrictions, you can not view in your area, StrongDNS opens access to them, such as the famous streaming sites Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, the distinctive feature of the StrongDNS is super-fast speed.

The function of Kill Switch - an emergency switch, which acts as a switch, when you have an interrupted VPN connection, at this time, your data becomes the most vulnerable and it can be used by cybercriminals, killswitch interrupts your Internet connection thereby providing you protection from information leakage.

The split tunneling feature is a feature that allows you to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) at the same time to transmit data anonymously and use a public network if the situation does not require encryption of your data.

The StrongVPN app is easy to use, the user interface is nice, there is a dark mode that is convenient to turn on at night so that your eyes do not get tired, the connection speed is fast, you can easily change the settings in the app that you want, the default encryption is AES 256. Of the disadvantages is limited split tunneling, which you can only use on Android.

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