Privacy & Security
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Surfshark uses the most secure encryption standard to date, AES 256 bits, which even one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world (Sunway TaihuLight) will take about 800 quadrillion years to decrypt, which is why it is used by many governments, as well as banks and other institutions that require to keep their data a key secret.

Sometimes a password is not enough to secure your account and this is where two-factor authentication comes in, which will serve as an additional shield to your account access, it consists of using two different types of authentication, which makes it incredibly difficult for cybercriminals to hack you.

To establish a secure connection between the VPN client and the VPN network, we will look at of course what protocols the service offers us and what their speed, security, and performance are. Surfshark offers us one of the most popular and reliable VPN protocols, OpenVPN, we also have IKEv2, WireGuard - a great new addition to the protocols, which uses modern cryptography algorithms, provides us with lightning-fast speeds and it is completely transparent since it has open-source code. And the last protocol in the list, but not the most important, is the protocol Shadowsocks - it is great for people who live or sometimes are in countries with strict restrictive censorship (China, UAE, Egypt, etc.) But it should be noted that it encrypts only your browser traffic, not the entire device.

We also have Camouflage mode in the app, which helps hide the very fact that you are using a VPN. Plus, Surfshark never collects and stores your personal data, IP address, which greatly increases the level of your anonymity.

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Performance (speed & reliability)
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Features & Usability
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In this section, we will take a look at the features of Surfshark that provide users with safe surfing on the Internet, ensure your digital anonymity, understand the features and find out what makes Surfshark different from other VPN services.

The Killswitch feature is a very important feature when your VPN connection gets interrupted for some reason. Killswitch will automatically disconnect your device, making it impossible for your IP address and personal information to be leaked.

The MultiHop function is connecting to the network through two different servers, thus your IP address is reliably masked and there is almost no chance to detect it, which is additional protection for your privacy in the digital world and stands out among the features of other services.

Whitelister is IP addresses, email addresses, applications approved by the administrator, what is it for? This is done to protect your private network and devices from external attacks and only the objects on this list will have access to the system.

Override GPS - you may have noticed if Uber requests your location and you are not constantly being tracked, if you are tired of being tracked you can use this feature, select a server and it will assign you the location to that server.

If you want to enjoy surfing the Internet without ads, and to protect yourself from malware, under VPN Features enable the Clean Web feature.

A split tunneling feature that allows you to share files, watch videos under VPN encryption and lets you choose which traffic goes through the VPN.

The app looks really good and very simple, there is a dark mode, it is not particularly difficult for a beginner to understand how the app works, for this there is even a brief description under each option. In general, I like the design and the user interface of the applications on different platforms, they are almost all the same, easy to use, and intuitively understand.

SurfShark review

SurfShark review

SurfShark review

Streaming & Torrenting
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This is an important section for fans of movies and TV shows. Here we will look at how Surfshark handles the geographical blocking of content from popular streaming platforms.

The most popular streaming platform is Netflix. We had no problem connecting to Netflix USA and the video quality was flawless, we also gained access by connecting to servers in the UK, Singapore, and almost 90 percent of the EU, the video played perfectly, but in other countries, there were problems with access to Netflix.

We also have an opportunity to connect to P2P servers, it is worth noting that all Surfshark servers support this protocol, but all are quite optimized, the speed of torrents was on top, which corresponds to the high speeds of downloading torrents declared by the company, but I chose P2P servers manually, because the automatic connection decreased the speed significantly, as I advise you.

Next, we have the popular UK streaming platform BBC Player. Surfshark easily managed to open access to BBC iPlayer, which positions Surshark as an excellent service that decently handles streaming without losing speed. Streaming fortresses such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others were also not without difficulty taken, though not all of the servers opened access to Amazon Prime. Fans of Desney+ this service is exactly for you because it easily bypassed site blocking on geographical principles and you can enjoy watching their library from almost any server at a sufficiently high streaming speed without buffering.