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Today we will talk about TorGuard VPN, many thought the name of the service is somehow connected with the service Tor, but in fact, these two services are not connected to anything except the name, TorGuard is focused on BitTorrent, hence the name. The service has a large enough choice of functions and based on the orientation that you are most interested in, offers you appropriate plans. Who will use this service, almost everyone, businessmen who want to use VPN to further secure their business, users who need the service primarily for streaming, users for whom the main criterion is the confidentiality of data and anonymous email. TorGuard consists of 59 VPN servers/locations in 50+ countries all over the world. Data security and privacy are ensured by the most reliable AES 256 encryption, Open VPN, Wireguard, Open Connect, IKEv2 protocols and hidden servers Stunnel. Additional security features of TorGuard include killswitch, ad and malware blocker, DNS leak protection, IPv6, WebRTC. Having studied the privacy rules, the advantage of TorGuard is that it maintains a zero-logging policy, which is very important because the service is registered in the United States, which is one of the founders of the Five Eyes Alliance. In this review, we will look at all the advantages and disadvantages of the service, test the speed, do data leakage tests and look at all the nuances so that you have a complete picture of what the service is really like.

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The service offers a wide range of additional features. The first among them is one of the most useful features killswitch, in the app it is called App kill, but the essence does not change - it is a function that ensures the suspension of our Internet activity in case of a break in the encrypted connection, minimizing the risk of data leakage.

Stealth VPN allows you to bypass restrictions where the use of a VPN is prohibited by masking the VPN traffic as regular web traffic.

Dedicated IP addresses for viewing streaming services, a very useful add-on, thanks to the dedicated IP addresses you get access to almost any streaming service, though it's worth noting right away that this add-on is available in the Anonymous VPN Pro package, this if considering the service for viewing video content libraries of various streaming services because in the standard package service can't bypass the geographical blocking of many services. Also to circumvent censorship, especially in countries such as Turkey, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China will be useful to use a proxy SOCKS5, which is excellent in bypassing geographical restrictions and P2P file sharing, but note that it can not provide privacy and security of the same high level.

TorGuard has an adware and malware blocker, this feature protects you from unwanted ads and prevents you from going to malicious sites.

TorGuard applications are easy to use, with an intuitive interface, suitable for both beginners and advanced users who are technically more equipped, they can change a lot of settings in the application for themselves, here for them will be a great choice, I will just list the sections in the settings, among them: General, Scripts, App kill, Debug, Network, Proxy, Servers and in these sections you can change a lot to suit yourself.

TorGuard review

TorGuard review