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Today we will talk about TunnelBear and find out its advantages and disadvantages, with which you can decide for yourself whether this VPN service meets your standards.

Tunnelbear is registered in Canada, not the most favorable country for VPN frankly, but this disadvantage is immediately covered by a no-logging policy, thanks to which your digital identity remains anonymous in the Internet space.

TunnelBear uses military-grade AES 256 encryption, it's hard to imagine a reliable VPN today without it. Also, the criterion of confidence in this service is the passing of independent audits by Cure53, we will talk more about that later. The choice of the protocol to work will not be great, among them OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPSec, but for some users, and they will be enough, as they are well-proven protocols, which are characterized by reliable encryption of your data without loss of speed. Ability to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Among additional features, we are offered VigilantBear, in other words, Kill Switch and GhostBear, which is an additional layer to ensure your security, we will come back to these features. Let's find out how Tunnelbear handles geo-blocking of streaming platforms and how good it is for torrents, and let's test the speed with an independent Speedtest. It's also worth noting that there's a free 30-day version and competitive paid plans, which we'll cover in the pricing section.

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Now we will take a look at additional security features. The first of these, GhostBear, makes your VPN traffic less visible to your ISP, the governments of other countries, what is it for? To bypass censorship, when the streaming service detects the VPN traffic, it immediately blocks your access to the content of their library, also the governments of other countries, which are known for strict censorship on the Internet (such as China, UAE, Turkey, Iran, Russia, etc.) where the VPN is prohibited at all, GhostBear makes it less visible, which simplifies the bypass of geoblocking and gives you access to free Internet in these countries. It is worth saying, however, that you should not use GhostBear at all times, as it may slow down your connection significantly, but you should only use it when you cannot connect using TunnelBear.

VigilantBear function is a Kill Switch, which is very useful when you have a malfunction in WTP, at this point your data, your traffic becomes most vulnerable, and cyber criminals or internet providers can easily intercept your data or make an attack, at this point killswitch will interrupt connection, so your IP information and data will not leak. That's the end of TunnelBear's additional features.

TunnelBear applications are well thought out and optimized with a nice user interface. You shouldn't have any problems downloading and installing the applications, at least the site has installation instructions, you can use additional functions by going to settings first, and then you need to go to the security section and enable optional security features that will provide additional anonymity and help deal with the masking of your VPN traffic.

TunnelBear review

TunnelBear review