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Now we'll talk about the additional features the service provides. The service provides a cloud called VyprVPN Cloud, a useful feature, especially for those who use VPN for business, because you are given your own VPN server, in which you counter the entire stack.

There is an important Killswitch feature that ensures that our Internet activity is suspended if the encrypted connection is broken, minimizing the risk of data leakage.

Service has at its disposal Vypr DNS - this feature is designed to bypass geo-blocks that restrict content or deny access altogether, especially in countries with strict censorship, Vypr DNS through an encrypted tunnel bypasses these restrictions and gives you access to the resource, keeping your data confidential, because Vypr DNS does not keep any logs, it should be noted that Vypr DNS works only together with Vypr VPN. This feature is great for bypassing the Geo-blocking of famous streaming services, as well as it can bypass the great Chinese firewall. Another advantage is the NAT firewall, which hides your IP addresses by giving them all the same address, also the firewall blocks unauthorized traffic.

The application Vypr VPN is well thought out, has a nice user interface, equipped with all the necessary features, I personally missed the separate tunneling and ad blocker, there is a button for automatic connection, and also in the servers section you can sort them by speed to choose the fastest, the application is well optimized and works stably without failures.

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