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ZenMate is a German VPN provider with a large army of users, their number reaches 47 million, a reliable VPN with optimized servers for streaming and torrenting, low functionality, and high credibility among users due to zero-logging policy, powerful encryption algorithms, and ease of use. ZenMate as well as ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost belongs to the English company Kepa Technologies, which earlier (before the acquisition of CyberGhost) was engaged in advertising software and their integration into various mobile applications, then the company changed its core business and started dealing with digital privacy, immediately, of course, the company was not trusted in the digital world, where users value privacy above all, but later proved its commitment to its new business and began to gain confidence among users and the WAPN giants, which

Service does not have a large arsenal of features, but for some users, it will be unnecessary, ZenMate uses strong encryption AES 256, considered the most secure to date, the protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, Wireguard. Among the additional security features, the service uses IPv6 leak protection, DNS, killswitch emergency switch.

The applications are well designed for each operating system and browser, especially suitable for those who are just starting to use VPN.

In this review we will test the service for data leaks, measure server streaming speeds, and give detailed information about the service that will help you determine whether this VPN provider is suitable for you.

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ZenMate's arsenal of additional features is not great, here you will find a split tunneling, ad blocker, and so on, but killswitch will be available - its role is to disable the connection to the Internet when you have a failure in the Wifi connection, thereby preventing the risk of your data leakage, it is an especially useful feature when you are connected to public Wifi networks, where you become an easy victim for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, this feature will not be available in the mobile app.

in the App Settings you can see a section called "debug virtual NIC", this means that when there is a conflict with other software, the virtual card may fail, this feature will stabilize this card. In public Wifi networks, traffic is often limited to HTTP connections, which limits the work of the VPN connection, here to help comes the function "random port", which eliminates this problem by automatically checking the ports to connect.

The ZenMate team tried very hard when developing the application, the applications for all operating systems are well optimized, with clear even for beginners user interface, it is very convenient and easy to use, there is a separate sorting of servers for streaming, for torrenting, server load and even the distance to it. For example, mobile applications do not have killswitch, but they have the protocol Wireguard, and the operating systems Windows, macOS have killswitch, but no protocol Wireguard. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it often takes up to 10 seconds to connect to a server, which is quite a long time. In general, I liked the work of the applications.

ZenMate review